Tips For Furnishing Your First Home

June 18, 2021

Tips for Furnishing Your First Home

Moving into your first home is a very exciting albeit stressful time.

It’s no secret that new homeowners are more prone to burnout due to the exceedingly long list of tasks that need to be completed in addition to sticking to your budget. When choosing a house and land package from Anchor Shores rest assured that we will be there to assist you, but what happens after your dream home has been built?

At Anchor Shores, we are determined to assist new homeowners as best as we can. Read on for our top five tips that help homeowners furnish their first home.

#1 Determine Your Budget

Determining your budget for furnishing your dream home can be very tricky! Your visions and priorities need to meet your financial availability.

The rule of thumb that is the most popular, is to spend between 10% – 20% of the purchase price from the new home on furniture. That being said, this is not necessarily a must.

When deciding on your budget you need to evaluate your disposable income and the savings that you have available to you, make sure to factor utility costs amongst other miscellaneous items into your budget.

#2 Make A Room-Specific List of Things You Need

A mind map can help you visualise the items needed for specific rooms. Divide the map into sections and allocate each section to a room. This way, when you are writing down item ideas and your mind drifts to a new area of the house, you are able to quickly jot down that idea and move back to the section that you were working on. Make sure to include general items as well, such as multi-plug adapters and light bulbs.

First focus on items that provide a practical purpose, rather than those which serve decoratively. After drafting your mind map, tick off items that you already own.

Furnishing Your First Home - diagram

#3 Start Comparison Shopping

Now that you have an idea of which items you need you can narrow down what brand you will choose and where you will purchase the item from. It’s a good idea to invest your time into some research so you are fully aware of warranties and return policies of products.

After narrowing down your selected products you should take into account of the items price and size. For some inspiration browse through some catalogues of familiar stores. Make sure you take note of online deals and when deals end.

Furnishing Your First Home - gray couch

#4 Prioritise Your Purchases

Make a list of the most important items that you need and get those first, before you deplete your budget!

The most common error that gets made when furnishing a new home is to not stick to your budget. By ranking which items are a priority, you are aware on which items to purchase first. Moving into your new home can be a very stressful time so it’s best to move in knowing that you’re covered with the essential items. It’s important to differentiate your essential items with your non-essential items. try to keep essential items neutral colours so that once you get a feel of the space that you have to work with, you’re able to introduce your specific style with your non-essential items.

Tips for Furnishing Your First home

#5 Don't Buy Everything At Once

Buying everything at once is a huge cost in one go. By starting with your staple pieces, you can begin filling the room and purchase additional pieces in due time once you get a feel of the space and style that you have to work with.

Living on your essential items may not sound like a dream but once you allow yourself to adjust to your space you will find yourself requiring non-essential items with time. For example, a “key holder” near your home entrance would be a great safekeeper for your car keys. This item is not immediately essential, however, it’s a nice feature to have. Once you live in your new space and you are fully familiar you can evaluate which place would be best to install your keyholder.

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Securing Your First Home

Moving into a new home doesn’t have to be stressful. If you plan everything correctly (and ensure you have a good few back up plans!) everything should sail smoothly.

Discuss your property and land requirements with our experts. We can simplify the entire process to make finding and purchasing your first home an exciting adventure. Get in touch today!