Top 5 Benefits of Land Development

June 7, 2021

Benefits of Land Development

Consider the benefits of land development…

In the world of property and real estate, there is an unresolved conflict: should you buy land and develop it, or should you purchase land with a property already on it?

While both sides have their pros and cons, land development offers a number of unique benefits that you would not be able to enjoy with other real estate options.

Are you looking for a new place to call home? Here are the top 5 benefits that you can expect when developing land through Anchor Shores.

#1 Land Development Is Still Considered to Be an Untapped Market

Most investors are in the market for a fully developed property. It can seem easier to work with an existing structure rather than build something from the ground up. However, few people understand the investment opportunities of land development. As a literal foundation for the future, the land you purchase can become your family home for generations to come – or help you generate an income!

Land development is a long-term investment that, when committed to, can yield results that far surpass any initial capital or cost.

Whether you are looking to diversify your investment portfolio, build a home for your family, or become a landlord, land development is a fantastic, strategic option.

Benefits of Land Development - architect making plans

#2 Purchasing and Developing Land Is Cheaper Than Purchasing an Existing Property

Why spend twice as much money on a home that you might have to renovate anyway?

Purchasing land to develop is a highly affordable option for new homeowners and experience property landlords. Instead of investing in what may become an unending nightmare due to unforeseen expenses, you have control over the development of your land during every step of the process. This makes managing, and predicting, costs that much easier.

#3 We have House and Land Packages To Simplify Your Building Process

Purchasing land can be stressful! Our house and land packages can simplify the sometimes intimidating process of buying land and building your first home. Our package options give you the freedom to choose the size lot you need and the convenience of a pre-designed house that works perfectly with your new land.

Benefits of Land Development - couple with dog painting house

Benefits of Land Development

#4 Our Partnered Builders

Partner builders help meet customer expectations and ensure that the job is done right. We have partnered with the best builders in the area to bring you the ultimate service.

Our partnered builders include:

  1. IJK Homes
  2. Sand Sky Developments
  3. Palisade Homes
  4. Silkwood Homes
  5. Dixon Homes
  6. David Reid Homes

#5 Enjoy Complete Customisation

Building from scratch means you have the opportunity for complete customisation. Build everything from your wish list instead of trying to find the perfect property that may or may not have everything you’re looking for.

With Anchor Shores, you can enjoy lots starting from 727m2 to a massive 1417m2! This large space will provide you with opportunities to build the ultimate home of your dreams!

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